What can Kavu do for you?

As landlords ourselves we understand what you need. We offer free quotes, all works considered. We have also created a range of maintenance packages for landlords. Whether you are an accidental landlord, experienced investor or a portfolio owner, our experienced team are here to assist you and ensure you are left with more time on your hands and money in your pocket.

Kavu understand that minor defects could result in the property being classed as unfit because the faults endanger the occupants or render appliances un-useable, leading to unhappy tenants, costly call out fees, repair bills and huge headaches for you as it can be extremely time consuming.

We Offer

  • Call out within 1 hour to make safe
  • Maintenance packages tailored to suit needs and finances.
  • Full house/flat surveys

All aspects covered "From the ground to the roof and all the bits in between"

  • All maintenance staff carry ID badges, drive sign written vans and wear Kavu uniform.
  • Planned larger works (kitchens, bathrooms, extensions, conversions etc.)
  • Block and ground maintenance (flats, housing estates, shops.)

We also specialise in planned works offering the following services:

  • Advice on viability, from planning to maximising financial return.
  • Schedule of works
  • Site management with regular client meetings, ensuring a level of comfort we know you will benefit from.
  • At Kavu our ethos is ensuring a level of complete comfort. We are experienced, established and encompass a level of understanding within the property market that would be hard to find elsewhere, providing complete property solutions.

Maintenance Packages

Call out is a premium service. We will leave what we are doing as soon as we practically can and come running to your repair call. Getting to your address, parking and getting set up in your property to do the job AND the first 30 minutes are included in our standard call out charge of £64.80. Your safety and satisfaction is of great concern to us so we aim to fix every issue in the first 30 minutes but only if we can do it right & safely first time. We will never waste time to add costs to your bill and we are so confident about our ability to do so that we sell pre-paid maintenance packages. However if we need to take longer than the 30 minutes we will let you know as soon as we know, which is often as soon as we see the issue first hand. That means you know what the repair will costs you. We of course will always leave your home as we found it and you’ll never need to clean up after us!

Too often silicon is changed and not done correctly, not fully cut away, not fully cleaned and dried before new sealant is applied, and not left to dry properly before use. We at KAVU make sure that the silicon is properly installed only using a high-quality silicon and applying the right amount ensuring a longer lasting seal and of course preventing any water damage which will make tiling become loose, water damage to floor coverings and ceilings below. Prices include removal of existing sealant.

Bath/Shower sealant from £70.80
Additional shower £30.37 whilst on site
Around floor from £30.37 whilst on site
Kitchen work tops up to six meters (separate visit) £70.80
Kitchen work tops up to six meters £70.80 whilst on site

Book today for piece of mind.

Don’t let things get into disrepair and cost you more later find out what if anything needs repair or likely to in the near future, We at KAVU will come and carry out a general survey of the complete exterior from ground level and provide a FREE quote of any works that need addressing now or in the future, you will have our quote and we will hold the labour cost for six months so you can organise your finances to suit you.

Exterior survey from £162
Why not add an internal communal area only survey for an additional
(Excluding bedrooms) to include all walls ceilings wood work floor coverings
Why not add a Seal and tile Safe survey whilst we are on site for only
All bathroom and kitchen sealants and tiles checked to prevent leaks causing water damage.
Interior Communal Survey
This consists of surveying condition to rooms excluding Bedrooms.

This a complete visual internal health check for your property checking the condition of decoration, plumbing, tiling, sealants, floor coverings, windows, doors, handles/locks, smoke alarms, lighting, switches/sockets. Where you receive a copy of the survey and a FREE quote for any works that need addressing now or in the future, you will receive your free quote and we will hold the labour cost six months so you can organise your finances to suit you.


This includes two people clearing all accessible gutters and outlets £186
Why not add an off the ladder roof and chimney survey (2 storey only) £60
Off the ladder roof and chimney survey (2 people two storey only) £174
Add a drain and gully survey £36
Gully clear if required whist on site £24

If you think you have what it takes to be a Kavu Maintenance Engineer then you'll be skilled, have your own tools and have excellent customer service ethos. If that is you then we'd welcome you giving us a call to arrange a phone interview in the first instance

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Mark Brown: | 07890 955451

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